Dina Malkawi

Born in Amman-Jordan 1988. Graduated from the University of Jordan in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in fine arts. She works with Oil painting, water color and other mixed mediums on metal and paper. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Amman / Jordan and other art projects as well. She has joined a Digital group exhibition in "the story of creative"- international exhibition-New York City. Most of her artworks are reflections about social/cultural challenges that can impact the individuals, presented through color and a broad play of brush strokes combined with manipulation of different mediums, Finding harmony and purpose in the midst of what seems to be chaos. She is a story teller in her own way, where her inspirations are driven from the people she meets and the places She goes to. Usually she builds her artworks upon certain themes that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Her recent projects focuses on how to change the world around us, spreading positive perspectives for the future. shedding the light on the ideas of well-being and how they can impact our health, behavior and emotions, How some social environmental conditional lifestyles can affect people’s mental health. Her concepts discuss the process and transformation of evolution toward the inner- self. Trying to Build the bridge of understanding between the past and the present; how we can Communicate with our past and mistakes.



Mixed Media

size: 100 X 100 cm